BullRed Fishing Onesie Photo Shoot

January 11, 2014

Today our vendor, BullRed Clothing asked to use Ella Zane's own baby models, Zane and his cousin Hadley to pose for their new colors. BullRed is offered exclusively in Ella Zane. The photo shoot went great! Hadley was all smiles and hamming it up as usual, while Zane kept his chilled, laid back demeanor going. The whole shoot took under an hour…they're professionals :) Everyone had a good time and we got some great shots of BullRed's new fishing onesie colors. Check out these results!

BullRed Fishing Onesies are designed after the fishing shirts that your father and grandfather love, BullRed Clothing is the only manufacturer of a onesie style, infant/toddler fishing shirt that is made in the USA. Just like an authentic fisherman’s shirt, this baby or toddler fishing onesie comes complete with a vent in the back, fly-box pockets on the chest, tabs to keep the sleeves rolled, and even a utility loop.

100% nylon material. Baby/toddler fishing shirts are proudly made in the USA

Water repellent, machine washable and very durable.

The fishing onesies come in teal, french blue, blue, red, gold (tan), and now in pink, purple, burnt orange and maroon. They are offered in sizes 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.