New Arrival Photo Shoot

Friday, Jan 31st, Rosie from Reflections by Rosie came in to shoot Ella Zane's new arrivals.

Ella Zane's own, Marissa was a great model for our new, must have styles! We decided to shoot in the boutique, so we had the fashions on site, a dressing room and a warm place to change. We are all use to shooting outdoors for the natural feel and lighting, but weather conditions wouldn't allow that this time, and for good thing…we LOVE the way these shots turned out for the website!

We had tear apart the boutique to make room for our huge all white background. There was a kiddo running around, the strain of a time crunch before we had to reorganize the boutique before opening, and lighting issues, but you'd never guess! We made it all work! Professionals! ;)

We hope you enjoy our new arrivals as much as we do!